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Welcome to the world of HIGH PERFORMANCE! My name is Barbara Depta. I am the founder of Beyond Stretch, and one of 300 elite certified high performance coaches in the world. I take pride in my passion for helping people get to the NEXT LEVEL.

With my expertise in fascia and fitness, not only am I able to help professional athletes to manage their energy, strength, balance, and flexibility, on and off the field, but as a high performance coach, I also keep their passion and purpose pure and alive with their families at home.

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Brandon Burchard

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Barbara Depta

My gift to you: "Six Secrets from the World's Highest Achievers” absolutely free!

High Performance Coach

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Barbara Depta provides a variety of coaching & wellness services to suit your busy lifestyle to improve your health & happiness .
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7100 Fairway Dr,
Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida - 33418
United States.
Tel : +1 561-401-9185