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Resync Recovery Blend (Tub)

Resync Recovery is a scientifically formulated, plant based blend of red spinach, beets, and aronia berry to support optimum levels of nitric oxide.

Complemented by antioxidant, mango extract (supports microcirculation), it becomes a better natural energy supplement, more beneficial than just beet powder, or beet juice alone.

Enhanced with ginger and turmeric extracts, Resync is also used as a recovery remedy to support blood flow and healthy inflammatory response post physical activity.

All the superfoods are complemented with prebiotic inulin to support gut health.

You get all the functional benefits of these standardized extracts in one scoop a day.

  • 20 servings of clean, non-stimulant energy
  • Clinically researched and 3rd party tested (NSF Sport and BSCG Certified)
  • 32 oz of beet juice in 1 scoop
  • 5 X better than beets alone
  • Support heart health and circulation
  • Promote brain functionality
  • Support healthy inflammatory response post physical activity
  • Support restful sleep

Resync is approved by doctors, trusted by pro-athletes, and made for everyone.


  • Non
  • Gulten
  • Zero
  • No Artificial

Nutrition & Ingredients

Make Resync’s superfoods part of your daily routine

Red Leaf Spinach

Aronia Berry


Hyaluronic Acid


Red Beet

Mango Extract


How To Use

Easy Ways to Make Resync Part of Your Health Routine


Stir Resync Into Your Morning (Or Afternoon) Tea

Add a scoop or (1) sachet of Resync to your tea to support your clean, deep energy.

You’re going to have your tea anyway, so it’s super easy.

Plus, you’ll notice a delicious change in the taste, but not texture of your tea. If you take it consistently, you’ll feel the results.

You can also mix Resync just with hot water, and make your own from scratch Resync “tea”.


Mix It With Water To Create Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Juice

You can mix with cold water, too! Our Resync powder dissolves smoothly in hot OR cold liquids.

Simply enjoy this energizing juice for rest of your day.


Blend Resync Into Your Smoothie

Do you like having a smoothie in the morning or post workout? Regardless what part of the day, just add a scoop or (1) sachet of Resync into your mix – and you’re set.

It works, even if you’re already adding protein powder to your smoothie. Please check our Resync Collagen Blend, if you would like to add 15 grams of hydrolyzed collagen peptides into your day with energizing natural nitrates and additional ingredients to support your energy and connective tissue health.


Blend Resync into your favorite snack

Mix one serving of Resync with a cup of plain yogurt.

To get all the delicious Resync recipes of drinks, smoothies,
snacks, and breakfast options, download our ebook here.

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