Welcome to the world of HEALTHY PERFORMANCE!  My name is Barbara Depta. I am extremely happy to have you here with me.

I take pride in my passion for helping people achieve their full potential.

From my coaching perspective, elite performance is an example of integrated, sustained, and heightened functions of every system in our body. IQ doesn’t matter to me that much, if your emotional and kinesthetic intelligence is out of balance.

Since my childhood, I have been an active athlete with a love for sports and competition. As an elite flexibility and performance coach, I have worked with many professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA and LPGA Tours, and the UFC, where I examined not only athletes’ physical output but their recovery process as well.
It became increasingly clear to me that even at the elite level, most athletes weren’t doing all they could to perform effectively and recover efficiently.
Since 2010 I have assisted elite professionals as a fascia stretch coach. However, convinced that certain additional ingredients could fill their recovery gap, I traveled around the world, worked with nutritionists, researchers, and scientists to bring to life a natural product that would fill in these gaps. The goal was to create a product not only for professional athletes, but for anyone interested in clean energy and recovery—a product to help people perform at their best and refuel their bodies while supporting their connective tissue health.
The key to the puzzle was nitric oxide, a critical molecule in our bodies which aids in increased blood flow. If nitric oxide could be delivered on the cellular level through the vascular system, I thought it could then provide nutrients to the entire body not just to support natural energy and heart health, but especially recovery – all while supporting healthy inflammatory response due to exercise.†
By combining red spinach, red beets and aronia berry, I found my winning natural combination and Resync was born.

However, I am not done yet.

We frequently neglect our structural balance, especially forgetting the fact that it all starts at the ground level. That is why I am finalizing my new fitness and rehab tool for feet to decrease sensory mismatch and to provide people with a healthier, more balanced body.

I am here to assist you to close the gap between tired and refreshed; to support your performance and recovery; and to simply help you live a healthier life.


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